The Big Idea

In late 2012, Clanwilliam Health joined the Healthcare Innovation Hub (HIH) with a proposal to trial an electronic prescribing service in Ireland. The HIH is a government-supported initiative under the Action Plan for Jobs 2013 that runs out of University College Cork. A pilot was set up with a small group of GPs and Pharmacies in Blackpool, Cork. Following on from this project, under the guidance of Clanwilliam Health, in collaboration with other software vendors and healthcare stakeholders, this technology progressed to an electronic prescription notification service called eScript.

Based on the feedback, e-script notification has now been launched, taking into consideration the learnings of the first exploratory pilot in Cork.

eScript is a notification service that safely sends a secure notification of the prescription details from the GP’s computer to the patient’s chosen pharmacy. While it does not replace the traditional signed paper prescription as it is not electronic prescribing, it means that the pharmacy can start preparing the prescription before the patient gets there.

The intention of eScript is to demonstrate and evaluate how technology can facilitate the seamless flow of prescription information between GP and pharmacy systems in Ireland. How the service further develops will be determined by the ongoing feedback from our customers and patients. Additionally, we will continue to explore other innovations such as 2D barcoding and centralised “pull” models, similar to those in place with Clanwilliam customers in the UK.

In addition to eScript, the Clanwilliam Health is collaborating with eHealth Ireland on eReferrals. eReferrals is a system which allows GPs to refer patients to hospitals using an electronic system that is populated automatically from their existing practice management software.

At Clanwilliam Health, we believe that by working together and investing in technology pilots and innovations we give our customers genuine and sustainable value and care. Our vision, our ultimate goal, however, is to create a joined-up healthcare system by electronically connecting healthcare providers. This is what we are out to achieve. And with every step, big and small, we are getting closer to it.